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Where Edge| Meets GLAM

About Us


A Message From Our CEO

Hi, My name is India Rose. 

I want to first start by thanking YOU for your support.

I truly appreciate every order received!

I founded GlamoRose Boutique back in 2016

when I noticed myself referring a lot of women

to the local stores in my area.

I always LOVED the moment

I found my favorite outfit, top, dress, etc.

No matter if it took me hours of shopping and trying on different clothes- nothing compared to the feeling

I got finding that perfect piece to


That's why I had no problem sharing where I shopped.


However, that wasn't enough for me. I wanted to do more.

I wanted to extend that same feeling to every women inquiring

-minus the stress of shopping at multiple stores.

GlamoRose Boutique was born. 

With fashion and style in mind,

I bring to you the hottest pieces; in one place!!!

It's where EDGE meets GLAM.

From fabric selection to design, 

I make sure to keep you in mind. 

My only request is that you pair your favorite buy with


and kill it!!!



~with love

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